Hypothermia and FrostBite Care

Winter is Coming and So is Hypothermia and Frostbite. Do you know what to do is your affected by either of these cold related emergencies?

Frostbite occurs when a body part (fingers, toes, nose, etc) are exposed to cold air or cold temperatures.

Here are Some First Aid Measures You Can Take:
  • Warm the Frostbitten area with direct skin contact or rewarming in warm but not scalding water. 
  • Wrap the frostbitten area (if possible) with clean gauze and place gauze or cotton between fingers and toes as to not tear blisters that may form. 
  • Seek Medical Care if the person has severe frostbite 
Hypothermia occurs when you are exposed to cold temperatures or cold environments and your core body temperature drops below 95F (Redcross.org)

Here are Some First Aid Measures You Can Take:
  • Remove any wet clothing
  • Get Person Indoors or Out of the Cold as Soon As Possible to a warm environment 
  • Warm with Skin to Skin Contact if necessary
  • Wrap in warm towels, blankets
  • Call 911 if the person does not improve in their condition or their condition worsens. 

All Material in this Article provided by the American Red Cross at redcross.org