Frequently Asked Questions for All CPR Classes

What is the Difference in First Aid CPR AED and Basic Life Support Provider? 

If you are a healthcare student or healthcare employee you will need to take a healthcare level CPR course, also known as BLS.

First Aid CPR AED training is for individuals not in healthcare, such as childcare, teachers, manufacturing, construction, etc.

What is Required for a Blended Learning Course?
Once you register for a course, we will receive it and send out a blended learning letter with a link. Please allow up to 4 hrs to receive the blended learning (calling us will delay the process). 

BLS Courses: 2 hr average for online learning
First Aid CPR AED Courses: 3 hr average for online learning

What is the Difference between American Heart Association (AHA) and the American Red Cross (ARC)?
Basic Life Support Provider courses are now an equivalent between the two certifying bodies. It is of course up to you or your college/employer which certification they accept.

How Long is the Certification Good For? 
All CPR Certifications are Good for 2 Years!

What is I need to do a Renewal Course? 
It is best to take a blended learning course for renewing, you take the online portion on your own time (before class) then come take a skills class. 

When Will I Get My Certification?
Please Note that We Process ALL Certifications Once per Day after all Classes for the day have ended (usually in the evening).

You will receive an email from either
American Red Cross (Training Support)
American Heart Association (Claim-Your E-Card)

Who Can I Contact for Help with Technical Issues for Online Learning? 

The American Red Cross Training Support Team
(888) 366-3294

Also - Email CPR4LIFE so we also know what is going on -